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At FLOOD This Week

There is a strange tension from within Christianity when we truly allow these two characteristics within our faith to both be real and applied at the same time. A lot of times, we as Christians fall on one side or the other. We prefer one over the other, depending on where we are and what we prefer in this thing that we have defined as “Christianity.” But as we look at these two things at FLOOD, we will see that it is so necessary—if we are to define ourselves as true disciples and followers of Christ—that both have to be at play at the same time. To take one away is to show that you are not striving to be Christ’s disciple, but rather to be your own. And the scary truth about it is this: it is messier when both of these things are real in the life of Christians.

What are these two things? We will see what FLOOD as we talk about them in part five of “Christian.”

If you have any questions about this series, FLOOD, or being part of the Baptism Celebration service this Thursday, please contact Calli at the church.

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