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When Jesus Encouraged Me With a Golfball

This morning was the day. The plumber was coming to fix something that I was hoping would be healed miraculously by the time that I woke up. Unfortunately it was not. And so the plumber was coming. And then my wife noticed water on the floor in the kitchen that shouldn’t have been there. So we both started thinking that the next thing that our home was going to do was implode on itself.

So I got ready, got the boys ready for school and off we went. Today is Thursday and it is our weekly trip to the donut shop (by the way, no donut for me this morning – in case my coach is reading this :). They finished their donuts and we left to get them to school. As I drove through the parking lot my mind was whirling like a tornado about what to do if in fact the water on the floor in the kitchen meant something serious. Then all of a sudden, my oldest asked me this question:

“Dad, why do you have a golfball in your car?”

So often I forget that the golfball is even there. I put it in there a while back after hearing Louie Giglio preach a message on the massive size of the universe using a golf ball. That message forever changed my approach to Jesus. And that golf ball was the physical image that I put in my car to remind me that God is unbelievably massive.

My response: “To remind me that God is big.”

And that’s all that I needed. The plumbing junk at home was placed to the side. The possible “what if” of the water in the kitchen wasn’t really that important anymore. I was reminded by my nine year old that God is big, and because God is big, everything else is not.

It’s amazing how God comforts and encourages. Today was extra special because he used my boy to encourage me.

What a special moment for this dad.

All because of a golfball.

 Brian Holland

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