Through listening, we know GROWING PEOPLE CHANGE. Over the past weeks, there are many in our church body and communities who are hurting and we want to listen. We want to invite  you to tune in on Mondays at 7PM on Instagram Live for our Family Conversations.

Follow us on Instagram @PurposePomona for updates

Below are the steps for Instagram:
Step 1- Log into Instagram
Step 2- Make sure you are following Purpose Pomona. You can follow us by tapping the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app and typing Purpose Pomona in the search bar. Once you find it, click the follow button just underneath our basic information.
Step 3- At 7pm, at the top of your Instagram homepage (you can get to the homepage by clicking the little house icon in the bottom left corner of the app), you will see the Purpose Church logo icon with the word live just beneath it. (If you don’t see the logo appear right away, refresh and wait a little bit longer.)
Step 4- Once you see the live icon, click it and you be able to watch the livestream