Sunday Classes

Sunday Morning LifeGroups

We offer a variety of Bible Study classes and groups during all three morning services.


Young Adults – G001

18-35 Singles/Couples

Young Adults is a new Life Group for college students, professionals, graduate students, or anyone looking for community and a dynamic discussion based Bible study.

Oasis – H104

20s and 30s Singles/Couples

This is a class where you can build friendships with other Christians and ground yourself in the things of God. Stop by Oasis this Sunday!

Refuge – G002

35+ Couples

Refuge is a small, intimate class averaging about 10 people per week. They meet and share with each other about the past week’s experiences and prayer requests. Discussion topics include kids, jobs, and various struggles they are facing.

Fusion – C101

40+ Couples

This Bible study class helps us gain a better understanding of who God is, what He has done for us, and why. We join together to share in fun, fellowship, ministry, prayer, and accountability.

Coram Deo – C202

40+ Couples/Singles
Teacher: Dr. Carl Toney

Led by a Bible professor, come enjoy an in-depth Bible study with discussion and also learn about the cultures of biblical times. The class also fosters community with monthly meals.

Students of the Word – A100

All Ages
Teachers: Julie O’Malley & Theo Hester

SOTW is an intimate group that studies God’s word with a verse-by-verse format and interactive discussion. They work to build a close knit community that experiences life together with prayer, singing, snacks, social functions, and missions support.

Route 66 – H100

45+ Couples/Singles
Teachers: Peter Torry, Mark Gifford, & Carol Allen

Join us in traveling through the 66 books of the Bible. The dynamic teachers encourage class members to actively participate and support local and international ministries while deepening their personal relationships with Christ.

Homebuilders – G100

50+ Couples
Teacher: Stephen Lambert

Learn together to trust God to be the builder of our homes, marriages, and families at this interactive and supportive Bible study class.

Co-Eds – E202

Teacher: David Wright

This is an active, caring group that studies God’s Word and serves the Lord at church and in the community. Members of this class love to sing hymns, have fun at social events, and support each other and their missionaries. Visitors and new members are always welcome!

Mariners – C100

60+ Couples/Singles

Join one of the church’s longest running Sunday School Classes! This is an active, “tight fun-ship” class that emphasizes teaching, praying, mission projects, and fellowship.

Escuela De Vida (School of Life) – B100

All Ages (In Spanish)
Facilitators: Miguel and Delia Darino

School of Life is a project that focuses on the spiritual formation and growth of each believers in Jesus Christ. It is our goal to become a healthy and growing community of faithful followers.


Marriage Matters – C202

All Ages, Couples
Facilitators: Juan & Nena Amaral 

For veteran marriages, newly married, and engaged couples to help one another to develop, enrich, and grow in our relationships. The same professional marriage education video is shown at the 9:45 class.

Akolouthians – G102

55+ Couples/Singles

Our name means “followers” and attenders here seek to follow Christ. The class began in 1964, and has a long history at the church. This group enjoys weekly Bible studies and monthly socials.

Bible Discovery – H107

All Ages, Couples/Singles
Teacher: Gary Lienberger

This study will cover the central message of each book, key passages of scripture, and hard-to-understand verses. Also, learn how to apply these verses to your life today.

Catalyst – C100

30+ Couples

Teacher: Aaron Genzink

This class enjoys shared wisdom from each other and gains a better understanding of the Bible.

International Fellowship – A100

All Ages, English

Open to anyone from another country or with an international heart. This class shares a monthly potluck and weekly Bible studies.

S.P.I.C.E. – G002

All Ages, Single Parents
Facilitator: Gene Scarborough

This is a DVD/teaching-based course geared to encourage and help you through the daily challenges of single parenting. In addition, there are “Family Nights” and retreats for you and the kids to enjoy.

Ladies In Fellowship Together (L.I.F.T)

– H102

All ages, Women
Facilitator: Amy Lambert

Women of all ages—single, married, widowed, or divorced—are welcome to this small, discussion-based group that enjoys fellowship times, monthly Sunday afternoon lunches, and special events together.