What will the campaign accomplish?

The campaign will update three of the buildings on our campus, providing more classroom space, replacing worn out furnishings, increasing energy efficiency (and therefore, reducing operating costs), adding in updates that will make the spaces more accessible to those with mobility concerns, and improving the appearance of our campus.

Why aren’t you building a new building?

A single new building would cost at least half again as much as renovating the three buildings. Structurally, the Worship Center and the E building (three-story education building) are in excellent condition. The F building (gym and classrooms) does not structurally lend itself to major updates, so we are putting in minimal cost to expand its usage and increase its lifespan.

Will any buildings be torn down?

The old bus barn eventually will be demolished. This has long been an eyesore and it is not structurally sound. We will remove it as part of the second phase of the campaign.


Why are the pews being replaced?

While pews are a traditional part of worship, the ones we have in our Worship Center have exceeded their lifespan. Many are cracked and unstable, meaning we need to have them completely rebuilt and recovered. The cost to do this is substantial. A more cost-effective approach is to replace the pews with individual seating that will allow us to replace individual seats if needed and provide more comfortable seating for everyone.

Are you upgrading the bathrooms in the Worship Center?

Yes, the bathrooms in the lobby on the lower level will be expanded to avoid over-crowding, fixtures will be replaced with more efficient (and comfortable) ones, and access will be improved. Bathrooms on the Mezzanine level and behind the Worship Center (west side, all floors) will not be remodeled.

 Will the organ and piano remain?

Yes! While they are not shown in some of the drawings (which are strictly artist’s renderings), there is no plan to remove these instruments from the stage area.

Will the baptistry remain?

Yes! In fact, with the new placement of screens, the beautiful stained glass with the cross that is in front of the baptistry will be more prominent when the baptistry is not in use.

Why is the lobby being expanded?

The lobby can get very overcrowded between services. To allow more space for fellowshipping and learning about programs being offered by the church, we want to expand the space.

Will the choir loft remain?

Yes, it will. There will still be build-in risers for the orchestra on each side, and flexible choir loft space that can be set for a large choir, a smaller ensemble, a drama presentation or other ministry programming.

Will access to the choir loft and stage be improved for those with mobility concerns?

The stage area will meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines which will increase opportunities for ministry for those who have mobility restrictions.

Will there be any changes in the balcony besides seats?

The balcony structure will not change. However, we will improve safety by adding additional handrails as needed.

Will the capacity of the Worship Center change?

Due to changes in the platform, the seating will be slightly reduced. However, the addition of curtaining will allow us to close off sections to allow better flexibility in using the Worship Center for smaller services, making this space more accessible to our congregation.

Will sound and lighting be improved/changed?

As part of the upgrade, we will be adding new screens and some new lighting and sound equipment. There will be numerous changes that won’t be visible (i.e., burying cabling so it is not a hazard), and much of our existing equipment will continue to be used.

Will we still use hymnals?

We will continue to sing hymns in the traditional service but, as we do now, the words will be projected for better readability. This allows us to choose hymns that are not in the current hymnbook and make it easier for those who are not familiar with the traditional hymnal format to participate in worship.