Hurts, habits, and hangups are virtually unavoidable. And relationships can oftentimes be both a blessing and a burden. Life is complicated and all of us are trying to get it right. The truth is, we all have to face the inevitable challenges of life, and the best way to do that is with Jesus leading! Join us Sundays for A BETTER WAY or catch up on demand.


When Worry Whispers | (Week 9) | Pastor Eric Holmstrom

Pastor Eric Holmstrom guides us through navigating worry, contrasting its oppressive nature with the peace offered by the Bible. Jesus reassures us of our worth, His guidance, and His provision.  Join us as we explore how to silence worry's whispers and embrace the better way that Jesus offers.

Anger | (Week 8) | Pastor Glenn Gunderson

In this week's sermon, Pastor Glenn Gunderson guides us through an exploration of the nuanced stages of anger and a surprising biblical directive concerning its management. Acknowledging anger as a natural emotion, he underscores the importance of approaching it with wisdom and restraint.

Singleness & Dating | (Week 7) | Pastor Claire Colinco

When it comes to living as a single person, or being in a dating relationship, Jesus offers the best wisdom: No matter what stage you’re in, always move toward Jesus! In this sermon, we will discuss three essential steps to take toward Jesus for singles, daters, and even marrieds.

Defeating Stress, Discouragement, and Burnout | (Week 6) | Pastor Glenn Gunderson

This Mother’s Day we look into the challenges of navigating life, particularly for moms, where responsibilities can often lead to overwhelming stress and burnout, however we also navigate stress in all of our lives.

Better Parenting | (Week 4) | Pastor Glenn Gunderson

Drawing from Scripture and real-life examples, Pastor Glenn explores the importance of viewing children as divine blessings and stewardships from God, offering practical steps to reinforce this perspective and guide them according to God's design.

A Better Marriage | (Week 3) | Pastor Eric and Sarah Holmstrom

Marriages are difficult. Today, we take a look at five Biblical principles for a better marriage, drawing wisdom from the scriptures. Jesus provides us a better way in life and in our marriage, guiding us to keep Him at the center, invest in our spouse, forgive before we feel like it, seek Him in the storms, and prioritize prayer together.

Change and Loneliness | (Week 2) | Pastor Glenn Gunderson

Change can be hard, and lead to feelings of loneliness. Both are challenges we see people in the Bible deal with. Today, we look at how God helped them through those feelings and how He can do the same for us. Join us as we conitnue our series, A Better Way!

Conquering Feelings of Inferiority | (Week 1) | Pastor Glenn Gunderson

Feeling inferior is normal. If it is so common, how do we navigate it? As we jump in to our new series called, A Better Way we take a look at the ways to combat the feelings of inferiority in our lives.