God has a plan for your life, relationships, and the whole world, and it begins by understanding the mysterious work of Christ! Seven times Paul uses the word mystery in Ephesians to describe the work of Christ and the implications the gospel has on our relationships and everyday lives. What if unlocking the meaning behind the mystery of who Jesus is could free us to be who God designed us to be and help the whole world see Jesus?

03/24/24 (Week 12) - Ephesians 6:10-24 - Are we a Cruise Ship or Battleship?


The God Who Hikes Up The Hill | Immeasurably More (Week 1) | Pastor Glenn Gunderson

Our God hikes the hill with us. He never leaves us, and He is always next to us. As we Start week 1 of Immeasurably More, pour study through Ephesians, we reflect on who the God of our universe truly is and how we can navigate in a world that is so different than the life set out by Christ

Surviving in a World of Information Overload | Immeasurably More (Week 2) | Pastor Eric Holmstrom

Living in the world with information so accessible, we can easily become overwhelmed. Jesus gives us a way to be bold and lift our heads above the noise. When we keep our focus on Him we can see clarity and move through the stress of our lives!

Alive In Christ, Reconciled Through Christ | Immeasurably More (Week 3) | Pastor Glenn Gunderson

What does it mean to be alive in Christ? Ephesians gives us an excellent lens for holding tight to Jesus and allowing Him to bring us from death to life! For week 3 of our Ephesians series we dive deep into the promises of Our Lord!

We Is Better Than Me | Immeasurably More (Week 4) | Pastor Eric Holmstrom

This week at Purpose Church we jump into the 4th week of our series "Immeasurably More" where we look at why We Is Better Than Me! We dive into Ephesians 2:19-22 to explore the significance of community in the Christian journey. And how we should reflect on the collective influence of the church, emphasizing the communal strength in fostering spiritual growth and impacting the world.

Why The Church is Necessary | Immeasurably More (Week 5) | Pastor Claire Colinco

The “mystery” of Christ is repeated over and over again in Ephesians 3 and brings us a challenge: One of the main ways God reveals the mystery of Himself to the world today is through His Church, which consists of all believers in Christ. In this sermon, we will explore the honor and mission of being God’s chosen vessel to reveal and spread the hope and love of His Gospel to everyone everywhere.

God’s surprising plan for your life | Immeasurably More (Week 6) | Pastor Eric Vasquez

Does God really have a plan for our lives? Pastor Eric Vasquez takes us into a study of Ephesians 3 to demonstrate how God has the blueprints and chose us and His will can take us on a surprising journey . Join us as we continue our study of Ephesians diving into how God is Immeasurably More.

The Power of Unity | Immeasurably More (Week 7) | Pastor Glenn Gunderson & Marcus Robinson

Today, we jump into the fractured perception of unity in our world. The concept of oneness among people often feels elusive, yet there's hope. By embracing our unique callings, we can strive towards unity. Drawing inspiration from Jesus' miraculous acts, we're reminded of our potential to come together as a united body. Each of us holds a purpose, a role within God's grand design. Join us on this journey of discovery and reflection as we explore the profound beauty of unity in the eyes of God.

The Power of Our Words | Immeasurably More (Week 8) | Pastor Glenn Gunderson

The words we say have power, and how we use that power can be uplifting or harmful to others. Today we look through Ephesians 4:17-32 to see exactly how to use our words to point people to Jesus. Join us as we continue our study of Ephesians diving into how God is Immeasurably More!

The Kind of Life that Pleases God | Immeasurably More (Week 9) | Pastor Eric Holmstrom & Velu

We got to hear from a strong leader and the ministries that he is a part of in southeast Asia and how we can pursue Christ in all of the aspects of our lives! Looking into the kind of actions we take to live in the way Christ hopes for us, we can see His plan and the goodness He has for us! Join us as we continue our study of Ephesians diving into how God is Immeasurably More!

Marriage that Pleases God | Immeasurably More (Week 10) | Pastor Glenn & Kimberly Gunderson

Today, Pastor Glenn and Kimberly Gunderson shared with us about marriage and how to follow God strong. Learning how to love and respect each other in the way that Christ has demonstrated for us! Join us as we continue our study of Ephesians diving into how God is Immeasurably More!

Parenting With Purpose | Immeasurably More (Week 11) | Pastor Eric Holmstrom

Parenting with a purpose is something great to strive for, however it isn't easy. With God we get an opportunity to parent and pour into the next generation differently than on our own. This topic may seem to be so specific only parents, but this is something we should all learn and can all benefit from. Join us as we continue our study of Ephesians diving into how God is Immeasurably More!

Are we a Cruise Ship or Battleship? | Immeasurably More (Week 12) | Pastor Glenn Gunderson

As we look at the triumphant entry of Jesus on Palm Sunday, we reflect on how He prepared for the hardest tests of obedience that Jesus would experience in the Garden of Gethsemane. This should be how we look at our faith. Are we looking at this life as if we are on a cruise ship or preparing ourselves to face the struggles of this world as a battleship? Join us as we finish our study of Ephesians diving into how God is Immeasurably More!